Suppliers Intervention in the Aviation Industry

The situation:
Our customer in the aerospace industry has a supplier that provides technological sophisticated parts. After the quality of service had decreased so much that only 60% of the parts were delivered on time and with zero defects, our customer commissioned us to send an expert in supplier development who was fluent in both German and French in order to improve both the supplier’s delivery performance and the quality of the parts delivered. This task became even more difficult because at the same time the supplier was in the process of relocating his production plant from France to Morocco.

The solution:
After carrying out several audits to determine the current situation, PMC Technologies set up an overall plan. Along with a complete reorganisation of the flow of material, the plan included planning the capacity and a catalogue of actions to eliminate the quality problems. The entire coordination between customer and supplier was managed centrally by our consultant. This definitely relieved the teams on both sides of considerable stress.

The result:
Due to his perseverance in searching out all weak points and his expertise in material logistics, the PMC consultant achieved a reduction in delays of 95% by the end of the project. Moreover the supplier profited from a noticeably higher capacity and lower failure costs.

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