Process Optimization in the Aerospace Industry

The situation:
Our customer had internal problems which caused considerable deficits with regard to production capacity, quality, delivery performance and even the end product. He thereupon commissioned us to have a consultant coordinate the analysis and solution of the problem.

The solution:
The consultant began his project work on site with an analysis of the whole value-added chain to identify critical points. His first step was to check quality as defects had already caused considerable costs in dealing with complaints. The processing of complaints and the follow up on all complaints not dealt with were systematised. Also the proof of effectiveness of the taken actions was achieved. In addition the employees were qualified to attain the required level of quality and to avoid the already noted failures. The next step dealt with logistics. For this the EDP system was adapted so that all parts were continually tracked from the incoming orders, to the production and the logistics and finally to the delivery. The EDP system could then determine deadlines reliably and detect imminent delays in time. Several audits using EN 9001 made it possible to identify further critical points and to confirm the optimisations.

The result:
The AP consultant’s work increased the delivery performance by 40%.His quality management know how and his systematic analysis of and dealing with failures enabled him to surpass the goal of 0.8% fewer defective parts. The process optimisation also led to the high level of quality being maintained following the end of the project, and the fact that the delivery performance surpassed the customer’s requirements.

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