Selection of an MES System

The situation:

At our client´s production plant, data was stored and processed in various different systems, each of them to fulfill certain requirements of the automotive industry related to traceability, quality, test results and logistics. To ensure usability of the data the client decided to implement an integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The solution:

After analysis of the production and logistic requirements a specification was prepared which was harmonized with all related departments. With the aid of that specification quotations of different MES-suppliers were worked out and were evaluated. Finally a decision memo was prepared for the management which lead to the purchasing of the respective software solution and which the client implemented with the respective supplier.

The result:

By using a systematic analysis of the requirements and evaluating objective and supplier independent, the client was able to select the best solution. The purchase of expensive but unnecessary modules was avoided and all important functions were best possible considered.

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