Development of a New Technology for Plastic Injection

The situation:
Our client defined the goal to improve its market position by expanding the range of products to gain competitive advantages. Key should be new innovative products for the automotive industry. After preparing and presenting a feasibility study for a new plastic injection technology and an evaluation of business perspectives, the client commissioned us to carry out the implementation.

The solution:
A team of PMC consultants started with the feasibility study by doing a technical benchmarking and comparing the technological possibilities in cooperation with the specialists of the customer. In parallel the market requirements were put into a technical specification which were also discussed with and adjusted to potential customers. Following a decision memo was presented which, evaluating all now available information and respective calculations, recommended a realization. The hole implementation was than coordinated by the PMC team integrating and training the future responsible staff, which took over after start of production.

The result:
With the professional PMC support the client was able to quickly evaluate the basic requirements and costs of  the new product and to build up the expertise to introduce the product to the market, which improved the competitive position and market opportunities. These innovations finally also lead to the decision to continue the production in Germany. 

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Development of a New Technology for Plastic Injection
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