Cost Reduction in Production

The situation:
Our customer had considerable costs due to problems at the end of line tester. In order to analyse the causes of the problems and to carry out containment actions, the customer instructed AP Technologies to place an expert for failure analysis in the electronics manufacturing.

The solution:
During the first phase of the analysis, our specialist identified the main cause of the problem methodically using, for example, Pareto analysis, PDCA and Ishikawa and simultaneously defined the cost reduction goal. He systematically devised and implemented technical solutions for the problems. Additionally the consultant carried out advanced training courses for the production staff. Regular reports about the current status, with additional recommendations for improving procedures and reducing costs, gave the management an excellent overview of the project at all times.

The result:
The continuous demand and stringent monitoring of all actions made it possible to clearly top the project goals and achieve a cost reduction of over 30%. The stabilisation of the production process additionally resulted in a clear increase in the throughput. Furthermore the quality of the finished products was also improved. A corporate procedure was developed and approved to transfer the findings to the customer’s other plants.

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